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Any Software I Could Use?

2016-05-23 20:19:36 by DJReflexx

So, guess what:

I think Demons Defeated turned out well, but I think it could be better. I don't intend on using GarageBand my whole career. So if anyone has anything they want to recommend that I use for music, come at me.

Help me out here,



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2016-05-23 21:08:17 you need a program right? Try using FL studios! Its Very easy to use and master with different VSTs that comes with! You would love it so ya...

Knowing you using GarageBand...Your using Mac yes?

DJReflexx responds:

I'm using an iPhone with a touchscreen that works 1/3 of the time.
Also I've seen people using FL before on YouTube. I might try it out soon. Thanks!


2016-05-23 22:42:01

Audacity is standard has a few effects and all that basic stuff and is free. I've used it a lot with game design

DJReflexx responds:

I love Audacity! I've had it for a while now but I've mainly used it for volume and trimming. I haven't gotten in-depth with the effects yet. Thanks though! I'll have to try it out some time soon!


2016-05-23 22:58:38

Logic if you're using a Mac.
Fruity Loops if you're using Windows or Linux, since you can't really get an FL port onto anything using the Mac OS.

DJReflexx responds:

I might try and use FL for a song that I plan on making soon. Thanks for telling me though! I've seen YouTube videos with FL but I never actually got interested in it.